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Open your own business

Image I am planning to start a business of my own! This is one of my dreams which I want to fulfill wholeheartedly!! I am not fond of car, costly watch or an expensive jewelry which usually people like!  I have failed at my first attempt, lost my hard-earned money, many friends and family members tried to make me understand it’s not an easy task! I am not from a  business family as if a businessman only gives birth to another businessman.I couldn’t digest all these concepts. May be I am wrong! But One think is very clear to me, if you love your dream, if your persistency towards your work will push you, nothing can resist you to reach your destination . You need to make a plan from where you can start. My goal is to reach my dream, may be today or tomorrow! Does not matter when I can able to reach there…But yes definitely I will try again and again..